binspired works closely with clients to design development solutions around specific business needs.  Having worked in a variety of industries in a variety of roles, we understand how business works.  Our clients call us when they need an external voice, specialist knowledge or skills, or simply when their internal resources can't keep up the demands of work.

We work with clients to understand their business and design development programmes to help achieve their objectives.  After all - people achieve things and we're in the business of people.  

Here are some examples of our work.

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Business success depends on the right strategies and skilled, motivated staff to implement them.  binspired can facilitate workshops with management teams to develop strategies and find opportunities for growth.  

The Strategy to Execution programme describes one approach to getting it done.  It includes a series of workshops starting with a focus on what needs to be achieved: problem solving and decision making to challenge the status quo; preparing a change management plan to align with the tactical plan; a session to ensure managers are ready to lead and manage their teams; and ending with ways to measure impact.


binspired is focused on tailor-made development solutions.  These always start with a training needs analysis - a check to ensure that development is aligned with a business objective. For example...


Our client had a team of skilled, professional customer service staff who needed to do more.  The desired outcome was to sell more, to more customers, more often, more consistently.  The client wanted a TNA to identify how it could be done.


Front of house staff needed to deliver management's targets so a series of interviews and focus groups were held to understand the commonalities and differences in thinking between them. Attitudes to five key areas were explored: organisational culture, vision and values; source of competitive advantage; sales skills; motivation to work toward the vision; and how training could be delivered.


As a result, the UNITED FORCE development programme was designed to get management and their employees on the same page.

Often management teams recognise the benefits of developing themselves as an aligned, connected team.  They are ready to get beyond the politics, posturing, and power-dynamics to find synergies for the benefit of all.   binspired can facilitate workshops to help managers and management teams synergise.  

The Silos to Synergy programme describes one approach to getting it done.  It includes a series of facilitated workshops including identifying collective strengths, creative thinking, leading change, developing high performing teams (infiltrating the mental 'silo to synergy' shift to the rest of the organisation), and wrapping up with ways to measure impact.

A number of clients have invited us to speak at their staff conference to either support their strategic message or to train on a relevant, current topic.  This has been a useful strategy for some clients to:

  • introduce training that is scheduled to roll out during the year

  • keep all staff aware of training initiatives

  • present current thinking on relevant topics

  • break up general conference agenda with motivating, bite-size learning.

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