Confident Communicator

It’s not always easy speaking up and having your opinions heard.  Being more assertive is something we often know we should do but how to do it is the challenge.

The Confident Communicator programme is specifically designed for people who want to focus on being more assertive or simply have confidence to take a more active part in everyday conversations, whether they be in a professional or personal capacity.  It’s for people who often feel that their opinions aren’t heard, who are uncomfortable at taking the lead in conversations, or who struggle to control a conversation that is getting off-track or a bit heated.  These are just a few of many scenarios where a little more assertiveness would have been a great help.

Communication is the key to great relationships.  Being an active, confident communicator in all situations builds self-esteem and gains respect from others.  It’s a great add on to our Interpersonal Communication programme.



  • Communication preferences – the four styles

  • Positions people take when communicating: passive, assertive, aggressive or passive/aggressive

  • The impact these positions on self and others

  • Why we’re assertive and why we’re not – the conflicting centres of the brain

  • A Confident Communicator’s belief system



  • Communication tools that convey meaning: use of physical and sound words

  • Communication techniques to control a conversation (or just take part!): questions and listening

  • Self-management – looking and feeling the part

  • Giving it a go – practise before getting back to work




One of the most liberating pieces of advice I was given was that ‘everyone’s opinion matters’.  Organisations pay you for your ideas, your difference, your diversity.  So speak up.

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