Professional and personal coaching

Coaching is an incredible tool to maximise the performance, motivation, and satisfaction of others.  In a business context, leaders, managers, team leaders, and supervisors use coaching to engage and empower others to achieve results.  It’s a ‘must-have’ skill for anyone responsible for the performance of others.


Clients call us in when there's a need for an external voice, specialist knowledge or skills, or simply as a back-up when their internal resources can't keep up with the demands of the job.


Binspired consultants can either:

  1. teach you how to coach - you’ll learn the techniques and tools to help others

  2. be your coach - we’ll help you discover your potential, identify blockers, discuss career options, navigate difficult situations, renew motivation, manage stress, transition through change.


Why coach?

  • To strengthen skills and improve productivity

  • Increase motivation to improve workplace relationships and staff retention

  • To advocate engagement and increase job satisfaction

  • Empower employees by increased competence and confidence

  • Improve competence of others giving managers more time for strategic planning

  • Improve leadership capability therefore strengthening succession planning and growth

  • To create the space needed to do deep-dive thinking for personal development.



The High-Performance Coach programme – teaching you how to coach

This programme introduces tools and techniques to use for performance appraisals, at times of stress or change, to learn how to engage and motivate staff, or for personal growth and development. 


  • Understand what coaching is and the role of a coach

  • Understanding how your mind gets in the way of progress

  • Audit on what to coach: skills, competencies, attitude

  • Where, why, who and how to coach

  • Use a proven coaching methodology

  • Deepen insight into a coaching management style

  • Learn how to prepare the coaching environment before, during and after the session

  • Learn reflective listening skills & questioning techniques

  • Set weekly, quarterly, annual goals

  • Beating procrastination

  • Learn the benefits of peer to peer coaching

  • Practice using the coaching method in small groups



Let us coach you

Call us to discuss one-on-one coaching options to help you get to where you need or want to be.   Coaching is a technique used by CEOs, world-class athletes, as well as people who have just joined the workforce.  It's tailored specifically for you, to help you achieve your goals.


Contact us now to discuss your specific business and development needs.

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