Goals, Objectives, and KPIs

Every staff member needs to know what they are responsible for and how their performance will be measured.  Every manager knows that if they aren’t clear about this, they leave their organisation vulnerable to poor performers and poor performance.


This programme is designed for anyone who is responsible for writing objectives and development plans.  Initially we get to understand what drives people to take ownership for their work covering their connection to the organisation and their personal drivers for being part of it.  The second section focuses on getting a deeper understanding of what good SMART goals look like on paper (people seem to know the acronmyn but not how to apply it).


The third section focuses on motivating staff to buy into their goals during an objective setting conversation.  Participants will leave this workshop informed, inspired, confident, and ready to lead.



  • The role of objectives in the performance management cycle

  • Impact of getting objectives right – and wrong

  • Organisational purpose – why we’re in business

  • What motivates people to work (more than money): models, theories, and common sense


 Part 2 – OBJECTIVES and KPIs

  • Cascading objectives – alignment from top to bottom and the other way round

  • Getting SMART with team and individual objectives

  • Business objectives and personal ones

  • Development plans to aid success



  • Preparing to get buy-in: process and tools

  • Accountability and responsibility

  • Facilitating a conversation so staff want to work



“People perform when they have autonomy over the task, their time, their technique, and their team." 

Daniel Pink

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