Interpersonal Communication

The world is fueled by the ability to communicate.  And understanding it is becoming more complex given increased diversity and use of technology.  Most of us think we communicate clearly; it’s just that our listener hasn’t understood properly…


Workplace relationships (or any relationships for that matter) depend on the ability to build rapport, trust, and mutual respect – all of which rely on strong communication skills.  This programme will give you an insight into how you interpret interactions with people you have just met or have known for a while.  You’ll focus on improving your ability to be accurately understood.


Our Interpersonal Communication programme will benefit anyone who would like to develop better relationships, including having more confidence in being assertive (or simply being heard).  It’s a foundation programme for anyone in business.



  • Awareness of our internal mechanisms and their effect on communication

  • The wonderful human me: schemas, priming, attributions and other human traits

  • Communication preferences – the four styles




  • Communication tools: physical, sound, and chosen words

  • The impact of emotions on what we say and what we hear

  • The impact of mental filters on meaning

  • The impact of cultural differences on meaning

  •  Using the right words – when everything is ‘awesome’

  • Giving feedback: positive and constructive




  • Positioning – the roles we play in social interactions

  • Getting assertive



“Effective communication is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about what you know.” 

Jim Rohn

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