Personal Effectiveness Through Time-Focused Habits

Not having enough time to clear the inbox or even identify priorities is a common challenge we hear about time and time again. More than ever before, today’s workplace is a rapidly moving, changing, dynamic place with everyone wanting things completed, delivered, answered, solved or responded to now!

It’s likely that employers will continue to develop lean organisations, ask more from the good staff they employ, and ask those who can’t deliver to leave.  How do we continue to deliver demanding business results and maintain our health and work-life balance?  You may not be able to change the work environment but you can change how you work. 

This one-day workshop will help you to identify your time- habits and understand why you have them.  You’ll have the opportunity to think about creating some new habits that will help you be more efficient and focussed on your goals.  It's a perfect add on to our Meaningful Meetings programme.



  • Purpose – why should you invest time to make time?  What will motivate you to develop new habits to increase your personal effectiveness in your professional and personal lives?

  • Priorities – how to accurately identify what they are and what gets in the way of working on them



  • How our brain controls the decisions we make regarding the use of our time

  • Why we make poor time management decisions 

  • Why we underestimate how long things take and how to avoid being late

  • How to create new habits and take control of time to improve performance and reduce stress



  • Things to DO: skills and tools to control our workspace and time

  • Things to DROP: identify personal time wasters, overcome procrastination, change bad habits, and get rid of the junk

  • Things to DELEGATE: empower others to take on tasks and feel confident they will successfully deliver the result you want

The best time-management tool you’ll ever have is yourself.  This workshop will help you sharpen your time-tool and clarity of your purpose or goals will motivate you to keep it sharp.

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