Sales and Marketing - An Overview

Which drives profit – sales or marketing?  Your response is likely determined by your preferred discipline however the reality is that knowledge of both will increase your chance of success – as is often the case when one hand knows what the other is doing.

Although the sales and marketing disciplines have a different focus, they have a lot in common.  This workshop explores the similarities and differences to give the learner a more holistic overview of how a sales and marketing business works.  The programme is designed in a way that all topics can be applied to either sales, marketing, or customer service professionals.   


If you’re serious about sales or marketing take time to broaden your understanding of how adults learn and why they change (I wish I’d done this in my 13 years of marketing!).  This programme will give insights into these two disciplines that will help you to develop more effective communications and be more influential than if armed with only a sales or marketing discipline on its own.  

Each day is a stand-alone module but I'd be loathe to leave any of it out.  If you can't commit to three days out of the office, talk to us about how we can make it work for you.



  • The role of sales, marketing, customer service, and all other functions that impact on your business

  • Synergies or silos – the pros and cons

  • An external review of your market, customers, competitors, products

  • An internal review – what you have to work with

  • SMART organisational goals and objectives

  • Strategy – segmentation, positioning, targeting

  • Action plans – breaking strategy into manageable chunks and getting things done.

  • Budgets and forecasts



  • Strategies to get sales and marketing professionals to collaborate with each other

  • Collaboration between sales and marketing during campaign development

  • Strategies to get buy-in from internal and external customers

  • Diffusion of innovation – motivating messages for the different segments



  • Why we change, and why we won’t

  • How adults learn – the type of information they need and how they like to receive it

  • The sales process – questions., listening, WIIFM

  • Influencing thinking during the development process – research, development, testing, launch

  • Strategies to influence internal and external customers to change



A marketer’s edge is knowing about sales.  A sales person’s edge is knowing about marketing.  Their edge is sharpened when they know how adults learn and why they change.

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