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Stand Out is designed to give young adults choices.  Whether you're at school, university, or taking a gap year, having a job to support your aspirations is a must.  An income gives us choices to: end tertiary studies with little or no debt, travel, save, support ourselves, support others, or simply just to party.  Whatever our motivation, we need an income to have a choice.  


Our Stand Out programme is designed for young adults who want to get a job, be a great employee, and get a head start in life.  There is so much scope in NZ to differentiate yourself in the workforce, and it's really easy to do.  Stand Out will show you how.


Stand Out is a 3-module programme, each module building a competency that all employers look for: Communication skills, Personal Effectiveness, and Customer Service.  You'll learn more about yourself and how to better connect with others.  You'll learn how to give colleagues and customers a great experience when interacting with you - these are core skills that any employer will pay for!  


With over 13 years experience training managers and staff in many different organisations we know what employers are looking for.  We've worked in sales and marketing management positions ourselves so understand business and how to be competitive.   We're also parents of young adults at high school and university so know how challenging it can be to back yourself to find a good job and get promoted.  


As far as we know there isn't another programme like Stand Out in New Zealand.  Stand Out takes a blended learning approach: face to face workshops that are supported with applied learning exercises, peer discussion, and one on one coaching.  Research tells us that if you want to remember more than only 10% of what you've learnt on a training course, you need to have the backup exercises, discussions, coaching, and support.  You'll get this on Stand Out.     


Learning how to be a valuable employee will give you a competitive advantage over your peers and set you up for life.  It's the 'University of Life'.  Download our course outline.


Enrol for the 2018 programme now as the class size is restricted to a maximum of only 20.

Is Stand Out for you?

If you want to find employment or have an advantage over your peers in the job market, Stand Out will help you do it.  The programme isn't about academic ability, it's about people-ability.  Regardless of how smart you are, or what job you want, the skills you'll learn can be learnt by anyone and applied anywhere.  


Stand Out is designed for young adults between the ages of 17 - 23 who are in their last years of high school, at university, or already in the workforce.  If you can tick any of these boxes, Stand Out is for you:

  • I'm a school or uni student and unsure of what to do next

  • I want a job to save for travel

  • I want to take a gap year but need to earn an income

  • I need to find work to pay off a student loan

  • I want to start my career now

  • I want to develop better relationships socially and at work

  • I want to be more confident in myself and when with others

  • I want to know what it takes to be successful at work

For more information download our course outline.


We know what employers want and we want our emerging workforce to have it.

Being part of a young adult-driven household, there are a few things I've discovered:


  • Despite having access to many more subjects, many kids leave school with no idea how they want to shape their future.

  • Many kids opt for university (and debt), simply because they don't have another plan.

  • Introverted kids have a hard job fronting up to strangers, so asking for a job is a big ask.

  • Gen Y work in cyber-space; jobs are in real-space and many young adults lack the confidence and competence to work in it.

  • Young adults turn up to work with no idea how to differentiate themselves and get ahead.   Many focus on blending in to groups during teenage years; an approach that could get them left behind in their adult years.  


Combine this with the most common training programme sought by employers today: communication skills. Every organisation we work with complains of communication difficulties between employees.  This is particularly true given the difference in how Gen Y and Gen X have learnt how to communicate. Stand Out is designed to teach our emerging workforce how to communicate with confidence, to form great workplace relationships, to sell themselves, and to be a stand-out employee.  


For more information download our course outline.


Participants will learn some of the key skills that help anyone get ahead at work.

2018 Programme dates

Stand Out will run three times during 2018.  Click on the dates you are interested in a printable programme outline.  Each course is held in central Auckland, are 3 full days, each starting at 9 am, finishing at 4 pm.

10-12 July

2-4 October

11-13 December


Class size is limited to 20 so book now to register your interest or secure your place.

What does it cost?

The cost of this programme is heavily subsidised by us given our desire to make the learning available to our emerging workforce.


What you'll get:

  • 3 full days of interactive, highly relevant, and useful tools, tips, techniques to be a stand-out employee

  • A comprehensive course manual and workbook 

  • A personalised TetraMap communication styles assessment and report

  • A solid foundation on how to succeed in the service industry (this is gold - every business and every employee provides service to customers!)

  • A compelling CV and techniques on how to sell it to a potential employer

  • Three professional development certificates for your CV

  • Morning and afternoon refreshments

  • A follow-up, one-on-one coaching session to discuss and pursue progress.



This is an investment for life.  Every participant will benefit from the learning, every day, in every job.


Earlybird fee (register 3 weeks from the first date of each course):         $795 per person + GST

Registrations received within 3 weeks of the first date of each course:  $895 per person + GST

Bring a friend and get $100 off the relevant fee above!


binspired will donate $50 for every registration to our chosen charity, The Williams Syndrome Association.  Click here to discover more about Williams.


As there is no benchmark for Stand-Out, consider the return on investment for other workplace learning:

  • an employer would pay up to $3,500 for the same learning

  • a 3-hour career-counselling session costs over $500

  • a degree is in excess of $30,000 (and some don't use this knowledge at work)

  • one university paper is approximately $1000 and many papers aren't enjoyed or needed at work

  • an overseas school trip can be well in excess of $6000.


For more information download our course outline.


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