Team Dynamics and Performance

Have you felt the warm glow of achievement and comradery from being part of a team who has achieved something meaningful?  It feels good.  It often ends up on your CV.  You light up when you’re telling others (perhaps a potential new employer?) about it.  Hard work, juggling other commitments, finding ways to make it happen – all worthwhile.

But it’s not always easy.  A group of people with little in common, get together and have to make decisions.  Human behaviour, individual agendas and conflicting priorities kick in.  Often being part of a team is just hard work with gains not worth the effort.


You’ll leave our Team Dynamics and Performance programme with better insight on how to chase the first scenario (the warm glow).   You’ll leave with strategies to constructively manage predictable, unhelpful behaviours.  This is a perfect add-on to our Problems, Decisions, and Advocacy programme.  It's just good sense for any team to know how team dynamics work so they can get on with the job at hand.



  • Human behaviour when getting together in groups: conforming, compliance, obedience and the like

  • The difference between groups and teams – which do you need - there's a place for both

  • Characteristics of high performing teams



  • Relationships, trust, personal agendas – getting it out on the table

  • Changing relationships as time goes on

  • Positioning – the personal roles we play (and sometimes shouldn’t)

  • The team roles we play (and usually should)



  • Ownership, responsibility, accountability

  • Full participation: being heard, negotiating, and letting go

  • Gaining and keeping momentum

  • Problem solving, decision making, and building advocates

  • Dealing with the social loafers (aka people not doing their share)

  • Having robust conversations: open, honest, transparent, constructive

  • Getting things done



“When a team outgrows individual performance and learns confidence, excellence becomes a reality.”

Joe Paterno

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