binspired is proud of the difference we make for people who work with us.  We are acutely aware that we only get one chance to make an impact with our clients so we make every interaction count.  Here is just a small sample of what our clients have to say.


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“Great day.  Gained a lot of tools / methods to work within a team and manage staff.”  S Synai, CMDHB  

"Very engaging workshop with lots of ideas to take away; thank you ." Erore, CMDHB

"Great practical tools to use in the workplace.  Great variety of activities to appeal to all learning styles.  Arlene is very engaging.  Brings out contributions from everyone.  Fantastic workshop."  Kelsey  WDHB

"Jam packed full of great information relevant to day to day job.  Inspiring facilitator.  Did a great job facilitating as used lots of styles.  Examples were good and engaging.  Thank you."  D Botting,  CMDHB

"Great presenter and listener.  Provided great ideas and guidance for managing performance development of team."  J Prasad, CMDHB

“The facilitator had a good sense of humour and got everyone involved.  I'm going to be more efficient and effective and delegate when possible!"  Lance, Mercedes-Benz

"I found this course really informative, clearly Arlene knew what she was talking about.  It was all relevant and very interactive and hands on.  I highly recommend it, very enlightening! ." Mercedes-Benz

"As a result of this workshop I will work better - be happier!"  Mercedes-Benz

"Arlene encourages interaction and is happy to answer questions.  Is very knowledgeable and great at passing that knowledge on."  P Barnett


“Arlene knows her stuff 100%.  Did an awesome job.  Learnt new things to step out of my comfort zone, to go above and beyond the line and exceed expectations.”  OPUS

"This was a great course; I enjoyed the material and will take a lot out of it."  OPUS

"Let the sessions flow and the humour around the table was great.  Not heavy or over-powering.  Theories were sensible and intuitive."  OPUS

"Arlene is extremely well versed in the topic.  She brings a lot to the table and obviously knows her stuff.  Relaxed environment, not rushed.  Well done."  OPUS

"Excellent teaching and explaining clearly."  J Burgin, NZ Aerosports.


"Very good content, well presented, very interactive."  F Vizcarra, Tourism Holdings.


"I thought I had many skills in customer service but coming to this workshop has helped me develop my current skills as well as uncover many I had no knowledge of."  C Sanele, Westcity.


"This was a very well presented, informative, thought-provoking and entertaining training session.  I now have a good understanding of the term 'customer-centric."  D Boles, AUT.


"The seminar was informative and geared to our small group requirements and the facilitator was first class." L Murray, AUT


“Gave excellent feedback – really enjoyed today, wish more hours were allowed.  Would absolutely recommend this workshop to others."   


“This was a FANTASTIC workshop!  Excellent information, just the right amount.  This workshop has provoked some fresh thinking in me and I will use the material to revisit the topic with my team.”  

 “Great knowledge, excellent presenter.  Very thought provoking and relevant.  Thank you.”


"Very informative, great learning and relevant to my current role.  Arlene was fantastic."  Jan 2017   


"I found the session really helpful and I am looking forward to practising the tools / situations you supplied.  Thanks for the guidance." Jan 2017

“Full of knowledge, has been imported to us.  Entertains every question and idea that comes from participants.”  

“Very knowledgeable; great interaction; kept it fun and light.  Easy going.” 

"What worked well was the use of scenarios, watching the video replay and commenting on points ie questions and how they were used by participants.  The feedback on the role play by colleagues and the facilitator worked well."  CMDHB

"The role play worked well where I was able to listen to myself and look at my body language as seen by others."  CHDHB

"I came into this thinking "Oh no" but I have really enjoyed it and really will use the tools we have been shown.  Thank you." Feb 2017

"Very knowledgeable and excellent tutor." Feb 2017

"Inspiring, helpful, gave many examples, approachable, relaxed, humorous." Feb 2017

"Very relevant, especially helpful in overcoming my fear.  Facilitator was very organised, engaging, relatable and approachable.  100% this has been my favourite EMA course."  Anne, Mercedes, 2018

"Felt really inclusive; good ideas; new ways of presenting such as writing on whiteboard over top of PowerPoint. Genius!" K Ferguson, CMH, Clinical Coordinator


"Very effective facilitator, very competent and a great person to learn from.  Thank you for all the skills taught today, it is great!" V Lutui, CMH, Analyst


"Practical, well presented and involved." S Freiton, CMH, Talent Acquisition


"Very good, well presented, right pace, good sharing knowledge, relaxed day and learnt a lot." OPUS


"Thoroughly enjoyed the course and would definately recommend both course and tutor."  OPUS


"The workshop covered all aspect of skills required to provide excellent presentations."  OPUS


"Recommend to others to improve self-confidence and develop presentation skills."  OPUS

“Very good.  Of high value to our organisation.  Fun.  Interactive.”   

"Really well balanced course, good mix of discussions / exercises / tests to learn.  Good content - good mix of details of reports plus bigger picture with point of communication."  OPUS

"Topics discussed were relevant to everyday tasks.  Good group discussions.  Workshop greatly increased my understanding about business and report writing."  OPUS

"Extremely useful course, highly recommend to others."  OPUS

“Hard to make a course like this interesting for long periods of time however Arlene manages to do so quite well."  OPUS

"Great group activities.  Learnt things I can take back to my job and use."  OPUS

“I am motivated to get out of my comfort zone and try some of the skills / tools discussed.”   OPUS

"I learnt a lot about how to deal with people from different backgrounds and provide feedback in a postive way."  OPUS

"She knew her stuff!  Really interesting topic which was well presented."  OPUS

"Very good interactive course.  Gives indepth views about the various aspects of communication."  OPUS

“Definitely learnt a few new things - reminded me of the importance of things I already know.”   OPUS

"Well presented, picked up a few tips.  The DOAM tools for resolving performance issues was great."  OPUS

"Arlene has a very good understanding of the material and an excellent delivery manner.  She leads discussions well and encourages group participation and interaction."  OPUS

“Great introduction to cultural diversity.  Learn about others' culture and experiences.  It was excellent!”   CMDHB

"Great learning and has motivated me to apply in the workplace which will obviously be challenging but worthwhile.  Thank you."  CMDHB

"The whole course was educational for our everyday life as we work in a multicultural organisation.  Very useful and educational; I will suggest it to others."  CMDHB


"Fantastic course, caters to various levels of ability.  I personally think more staff should attend this course, very useful across the board." June 2017

"Will accept new changes in a different way.  Thanks for the workshop!"  June 2017

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