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Coaching intro
Coaching, whether it be life, executive, or business coaching, is an effective way to achieve sustainable growth, change, and success in an individual, team, or organisation.
Coaching unlocks potential, maximises performance, and helps people and business to achieve goals.

Benefits of Coaching

Here are some other reasons to invest in coaching:

  • Provides a space to discover support systems and explore areas for personal and professional development 

  • Aligns team members with the goals and vision of the organisation

  • Strengthens skills and improves productivity

  • Improves teamwork, relationships with peers, job satisfaction and reduces conflict

  • Encourages ownership and responsibility

  • Empowers coachee through increased competence and confidence 

  • Delivers results in large measure because of the supportive relationship between the coach and coachee, and the style of open communication used.

  • Improves leadership capability therefore strengthening succession planning and growth

One-on-One Coaching

The process for one-on-one coaching is simple. We start by getting to know each other's responsibilities within the coach/coachee relationship, discussing your objectives and strategies to get there, and then set specific milestones to work towards. 


We recommend a minimum of 6 one-hour sessions to ensure traction and momentum.

The coaching process uses six gateways to reduce hardwired responses of the coachee and to challenge and broaden their perspective. Each session includes three phases:

  1. explore and focus

  2. experience and reflect

  3. integrate and evaluate.

One on one coaching

Peer Coaching

Peer coaching is a confidential process through which two or more professional colleagues work together to:

  • reflect on current practices

  • expand, refine, and build new skills

  • share ideas

  • teach one another

  • conduct classroom research

  • solve problems.

We help clients set up peer mentoring groups, teach the process to do it well, and provide support to get the group up and running.  This is a practice that everyone in an organisation can benefit from - and as it's self-run, it's very cost-effective!

Learn to coach

Learn To Coach

Learning to coach is a life skill.  You'll use these skills at home with family, with friends who need guidance, with colleagues who are new to the business or skill, or those who need to change or improve.

Our Learn to Coach programme introduces tools and techniques to use for performance appraisals, at times of stress or change, to engage and motivate staff, or for personal growth and development.  Here are some of the things we cover:


  • What coaching is and the role of a coach

  • How your mind gets in the way of progress

  • Audit on what to coach: skills, competencies, attitude

  • Where, why, who and how to coach

  • The coaching methodology

  • Insight into a coaching management style

  • How to prepare the coaching environment before, during and after the session

  • Reflective listening skills & questioning techniques

  • How to set weekly, quarterly, annual goals

  • Beating procrastination

  • The benefits of peer to peer coaching and how to set it up in your business

  • Practice coaching in small groups

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