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Profiling intro
We believe in spending time, energy, and money wisely.  This is why we incorporate profiling tools to support our work.  The assessments we offer give clients detailed insights into their working preferences and many strategies to work on strengths and gaps.
Would you run your business without robust data to inform your strategies ?  If not, why run yourself without it?

Profiling Tools

Below are the key self-rater and 360 profiling tools that support our learning programmes.  Self-rater profiles only require the participant to complete the assessment. 


The 360 profiles require others to complete the assessment on the learner's behalf.  This is a brilliant way to collect honest feedback on the difference between how the learner believes they behave and how others interpret their behaviour.  These insights inform whether they should continue to spend energy on what they are currently doing or if it would be better spent elsewhere.

For those learners who care about the impact they have on others, 360 assessments can be life-changing.  Click on any of the profiles below for more detailed information.




Profiling tools


We are always looking out for and finding research papers, articles, books, and TedTalks that could be of interest or value to our clients.  If there is something you need to help stimulate dialogue in your team or across teams, get in touch as we may be able to help.

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