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Be present

After watching Simon Sinek's talk about the struggles our millennials may have with developing lasting relationships I've been on high alert to notice the impact of technology on relationships with the teens I'm surrounded by.

These are just some of my findings so far:

  • If your company at a cafe isn't interesting enough, someone else on FB might be so whip out your phone and check. Watch the ripple effect as others follow your lead.

  • Social gatherings are about getting photos and air dropping them to let your network know about the good time you're having. It seems the the story needs to be told during the event rather than after it.

  • Forming a romantic relationship is everyone's business. It's tough.

  • De-friend-ing, un-inviting or setting up new chat groups with the intent of excluding people is the norm.

  • Anyone can control your mood at any time. If you check your phone and notice that someone has posted or snap-chatted something to wind you up, say goodbye to your good mood.

If any of this sounds like you, think about taking control of your life. Be disciplined about when to engage and when to dis-engage. Be respectful of other's time - they never get it back and they're choosing to spend it with you. There's a time and place for everything, but when you've got company, be present.


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