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Holiday jobs

I have just seen the first advert seeking people to work over the Christmas holidays. It's inspired to put on a second Stand Out programme this year to help our young workforce do a great job.

Holiday jobs lead to experience on a resume which in turn leads to other jobs. Employers give their casual retail staff a great opportunity to learn about their store, products, and how to serve customers. While that's a start, the real opportunity is having the experience to connect with a diverse population, in a variety of moods, under a whole lot of time-pressure.

Business success is dependent on the ability to connect with and get along with others. It's a life skill that can be learnt. At work you have to get on with everyone, and it's not always easy. Learning skills and techniques to facilitate it is an investment for life.

Enroll for our last Stand Out programme and set yourself up for a successful future. If you're going to get a job, you need to know how to Stand Out. Blending in with everyone else isn't going to get you ahead.


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