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Heading out of a workshop a few weeks ago, I wished a participant a great weekend to which he replied, “I’m turning 70 tomorrow so it will be a good one.” About to celebrate a significant birthday myself, I was reminded that being old or young simply depends on your benchmark.

Which cast my mind to other benchmarks. Our achievements in life, family, social groups, education, health, financial positions to name a few. How often do we benchmark ourselves against others who have achieved more than us? How often do we console ourselves that we’ve achieved more than someone else. How often do we check the impact our benchmarking has on us and others? No doubt there’s a place for constructive benchmarking – goalposts that we can keep in our sights and aspire towards - but why do we create space for benchmarks that don't help?

Remember that the thoughts we allow our minds to entertain, become the emotions and behaviours that define us. Be selective with your benchmarks – choose ones that will help rather than hinder your journey to becoming the best of you.

Picture credit: Gorgeous bouquet from the Cross family :)


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