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Many people have commented about the name of my company. Ten

years later and I still love it. This is how it came about.

My niece, an International Social Development Graduate and always on the lookout for ways to help people in need. Her birthday was approaching and being a teenager at the time, she wanted a new mobile phone. One phone company donated a percentage of the cost of each phone sold to a charity; this was the phone she wanted.

As it was a gift, her mum had it engraved with her name and the words 'be inspired'. Later I noticed that my niece had used this phrase on her Facebook page. Having young children myself at the time, I was inspired to think that a teenager would quote her mother on FB! It inspired me to have this much impact on my own kids.

The phrase also summed up nicely what my work is about. Somehow or other at some point during my interactions with people I hope to inspire different thinking. The feedback I've had from people who have made a positive difference in their lives due to thinking differently is incredibly rewarding.

So if you come along to one of my programmes, and you're inspired, make sure you make a note on your FB (and mine)!


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