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I recently had the pleasure of meeting a 97 year old man who was signing some documents for me in his role as a JP. He wasn't feeling great that day (although had just come inside after pruning his roses) and mentioned that if there was anything he'd like to buy it would be another 20 years. I questioned "only 20?" and reflected back on which decade I'd like to have again.

"It would be my 20's" I said, "they were really good, fun years." He replied, "In my 20's I went off to fight in Hitler's war and I spent four years doing it."

There it was. Perspective. Another gentle reminder that life as we know it isn't necessarily how it is. It's just how we know it. Keep this in mind when you meet people who are different to you, who have different ideas and behaviours. Life shapes us and our difference reflects our different paths that have led us to where we are now. Judge less, be open to more.


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