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It's wonderful to still experience a 'first' at work.

After 23 years of training others, for the very first time a participant in my Customer Experience workshop asked to do a role-play! Let's face it, role plays are usually every participant's greatest nightmare. The very mention of role-plays results in closed off body language and tales of

how they're hated (sounds like me on a visit to the dentist...)

Call them what you will: role-play, skits, or an opportunity to practise. At the end of the day the value of learning is embedded in these opportunities to convert knowledge into something useful. Calling it a 'skit' the other participants took on the challenge and produced a marvelous demonstration of what we had learnt during the day.

It was done in the spirit of learning and we all had a good laugh while the teams took the opportunity to practise.

So well done to my Newmarket based clients - and thank you for a great training day.


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