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Let it go

Delving into the practice of mindfulness is not proving to be easy. Always being on the lookout for new things to do, old things to either clean up or clear out, there is always something on my mind. Putting an imaginative brain on hold is no easy task.

If this resonates give this a try when you find a spare five minutes or as you're about to fall asleep:

As a thought passes through your mind, acknowledge it and let it go. If it's replaced by another, simply again acknowledge it and let it pass.

Do you feel like a bus conductor in peak hour traffic clicking ticket after ticket, or are you enjoying a ride in the early hours of a morning on a quiet country road? Are you present and enjoying the moment or are you simply sprinting to keep up?

How we feel and what we do are influenced by what we think so it's useful to get some control over our thoughts. Become aware of them, focus on the good ones, toss the harmful, useless ones, and reap the rewards.

My goal for the week, wish me luck.


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