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“An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth”, written by Chris Hadfield was recently recommended to me during a visit to Canada. Hadfield was a Canadian astronaut and I was intrigued to hear his story. Here are some things I hadn’t appreciated about life in space:

Lifting anything (even a refrigerator!) is effortless in space, so daily exercise is critical to keeping your muscles (and muscle memory) working for when you return to earth.

  • Going to the bathroom can take a long time as every drop of moisture needs to be contained (if it’s not, you have to chase it around the bathroom until you do contain it).

  • Your spinal structure changes and weakens making simple things hard when back on the ground.

Aside from these fascinating realities of life in space, it was inspiring to learn about the focus and dedication to perfecting the art of working in space and honouring the opportunity to do so. I learnt about the focus, repetition, teamwork, camaraderie, trust, practise, hope, dedication, excitement, and ultimate achievement of one man’s life. A person with a dream, and the drive to make it happen.

So my question is: while gravity keeps us grounded, what holds you back? Think of the relationships, adventures, desires, ‘what-ifs’ that you have ruminating around in your mind. What impact is the gravity of your own making having on your life?


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